Client: Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE: BBI) is a publicly traded subsidiary of Viacom Inc. and is the world’s leading renter of videos and video games with approximately 7,200 stores in the United States and 26 other countries. The company can be found on the Web at . Viacom Inc. is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world and a leading force in nearly every segment of the international media marketplace.

Prior to 1998, using Excel spreadsheets for purchase orders (PO’s), schedules and capital management was a way of life at Blockbuster. Keeping track of goods ordered and receivables was a nightmare. Managing capital, PO’s and invoices was very error prone and labor intensive

For five years, SolutionTek’s technology has enabled Blockbuster to take control of spending, drive down costs while improving efficiencies. Corporate approved business rules now enforce company wide cost saving initiatives and standards. All Capital Expenditures, General Contractor Bidding, Vendor Scheduling, Purchase Orders and Invoices are all managed by SolutionTek software. As a result, Blockbuster was able to improve productivity by as much as 100% in some areas, all savings going directly to the bottom-line.

provides a variety of software solutions including:
    • StoreVision – Comprehensive Store management system to manage new store or remodel construction projects. Components include:
        • STK 1 – Site Selection/Development
        • STK 2 – ProjectPlus
        • STK 3 – CD Exchange
        • STK 4 – Sourcing & Procurement
        • STK 5 – General Contractor Bidding
        • STK 6 – Facilities Management
    • Custom Workflow solutions with electronic approvals. Examples include:
        • Electronic expense reports
        • Logistics scheduling
        • Delivery and tracking solutions

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