StoreVision Framework      
“Buyer/Supplier Collaboration”

    Site Selection/Development
        · Streamline entire business process
        · Lease accelerator
        · Promote on-time delivery
        · Become aware of issues sooner
        · Respond to issues faster
    CD Exchange
        · Reduce Paper Flow
        · Reduce Fed EX expenses
    STK Procurement
        · Prevent overspending
        · Reduce vendor calls
        · Ensure budgets are met
    General Contractor Bidding
        · Standardization
        · Reduce costs
    Facilities Management
        · Centralized Data Collection & Management
        · Cost Containment
Overall Benefits:

· Customized web site without IT headaches

· Very little upfront costs (usage pricing)

· Increased productivity

· Maximized return on investment

· Improved overall communications